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Qskeptics: The Queensland Skeptics Association Inc

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Some of you may not know already that as well as running the Griffith University Skeptics and Freethinkers, I’ve also been working more closely with the Queensland branch of the Australian Skeptics, Qskeptics.

As such I’ve proposed some new projects that once approved, should be unique and exciting, bringing lots of exposure as well as real world impact statewide and beyond. I can’t say much more on these as yet, but you’ll all be the first to know when we get the go ahead.

In the meantime our Qskeptics website is now being regularly updated with news and events, as well as a huge array of search-able resources. I’m planning on adding every event in Queensland that we’re hosting, investigating, or feel our members and friends may be interested in.

Speaking of investigating, we hope to take a more active role in investigating apparent anomalous phenomena, paranormal and/or psuedoscientific claims from a responsible science based point of view.

I’m also in the early stages of getting an official Podcast of the Queensland Skeptics Association Inc and the
Griffith University Skeptics and Freethinkers organised but I’m taking my time to make sure we get it right.

You can also find us on Facebook and we have a Twitter account so follow us for further updates and please remember your input is greatly appreciated and we all want this to be as successful on as many fronts as possible!

Jayson D Cooke


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