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Griffith Uni student defends Bond University from disgruntled 1st year Bond student.

In Discrimination, Equality, Ethics in Schools, Responses to the media on October 6, 2010 at 7:20 AM

Sometimes the rivalries between closely situated Universities has to be overlooked (however briefly).

This article published in Bond University’s Scope Magazine has now been picked up by the mainstream media.

I couldn’t help but respond:

Hi Lauren,

While I am a student of Griffith University (Gold Coast and Nathan campuses), many of my closest friends are graduates of Bond University and not surprisingly do not fit the caricature you are clumsily attempting to promulgate.

Your first paragraph is meaningless without proper contextual reference points, and the remainder of your article appears to be nothing more than the crude, rude and extremely petty ad hominum attacks of the last kid picked for the team.

I have to ask, what is your basis of comparison here exactly? It doesn’t sound like you have studied at of Bond for long, but what other tertiary institutions have you attended? By the same token, how long have you been a resident of the Gold Coast?

Having spent the majority of my 30 years on this planet living on the Gold Coast, I can assure you that your description of Surfers Paradise at night sounds accurate to me, but Jupiter’s Casino and Surfers Paradise are not solely frequented by Bond students, as surely you must realise.

“Two diametrically opposed absolutes face each other at Bond-Drinking in Excess, or being a social outcast.”

This is clearly a false dichotomy that smacks of excuse making to me. As your diatribe suggests that you do not drink in excess, your logic dictates that you must be a social outcast. Is it possible this may be for reasons not related to alcohol and/or “Bondie” culture?

Your surprise at what you refer to as “the constant slander of Griffith University” further suggests your inexperience with higher education institutions. I would be very surprised if there was a University in Australia that did not engage in the same behavior you call slander, particularly aimed at institutions closely situated geographically. I’m not justifying or lending credence to it, but it is far from exclusively a Bond phenomenon.

Also what possible bearing does the name of the University have on its merit?

You suggest that others who may feel disillusioned by what you refer to as a “Bondie culture’ should join a club that doesn’t revolve around drinking; I’d suggest you check out the forty one clubs on offer (as well as your Christian group). That is unless the Cycling club, Badminton Club, Capoeira Club, Field Hockey Club, Horse Riding Club, Kung Fu Club, and all the others actually do revolve around drinking, which is something I would pay money to watch!

“when is joining the Christian group the worst thing possible to do? Since I enrolled at Bond University so it seems.”

Read a history book or even your own Bible and I’m sure you’ll find that less self righteous, sanctimonious and bitter folk than yourself who professed to be Christians, were persecuted more than you have been, and you may be surprised to discover it was before Bond University existed.

Jayson D Cooke


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