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The Amazing Meeting Australia: You may not have missed out just yet!

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For those that were unable to secure a ticket to the inaugural TAM Australia event to be held from November 26-28 this year in Sydney, you may be in luck as it’s been announced that a small number of additional full-priced ($445) tickets will be made available very soon!

Due to the high demand, the tickets will be allocated by lottery. Applicants will need to send an email using this link by midnight Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time on the 8th of October. The organizers ask that all details be provided and the lottery will take place by the 15th of October. One ticket will be allocated to each winning application with winners to be notified promptly as they will need to pay in full within two business days.

Any tickets not paid for after that time will be reallocated so make sure you get in quick.

Just in case you are not aware of the stellar line up, here are some of the many speakers/attendees:

Steve Cannane – multi award winning journalist with ABC TV

Nicholas Cowdery, QC – NSW Director of Public Prosecutions

Dr Rachael Dunlop – reporter on The Skeptic Zone, medical researcher, winner of the 2010 Shorty Award for Health and Australian Skeptics Inc vice president

Brian Dunning– science journalist and host and producer of the podcast Skeptoid: Critical Analysis of Pop Phenomena

D.J. Grothe – writer, public speaker and president of the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF)

George Hrab – musician, author and podcaster on the Geologic Universe

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki – scientist, broadcaster and prolific author of books on science real and bogus, past Skeptic of the Year

Catharine Lumby – the Director of the Journalism and Media Research at the University of NSW, author of seven books and numerous book chapters and journal articles

Loretta Marron – premier investigator of cancer cures and past Skeptic of the Year

Dr Rob Morrison – Professorial Fellow at Flinders University and noted science communicator and award winning presenter (including the Order of Australia)

Julian Morrow – co-founder of the Chaser and now part of the Chaser creative team and its Managing Director

James Randi – the Amazing Randi is the number-one icon of the Skeptical movement in the world – co-founder of CSICOP, and founder of the James Randi Educational Foundation, researcher, investigator and magician, Randi’s reputation for Skeptical thinking and action are second to none

Dr Eugenie Scott – physical anthropologist and executive director of the National Center for Science Education

Dr Simon Singh – scientist, author and campaigner against bogus medical treatments

The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe – the entire crew:
Dr Steve Novella – academic neurologist at Yale University and president and co-founder of the New England Skeptical Society
Bob Novella – co-founder of the New England Skeptical Society
Rebecca Watson – founder of Skepchick
Evan Bernstein – television production specialist and technical adviser for official New England Skeptical Society investigations
Jay Novella – skeptical satirist who also creates and maintains the internet technology for NESS and SGU.

Dick Smith – business man, philanthropist, aviator, CSI fellow and co-founder of Australian Skeptics

John Smyrk – management consultant and management lecturer at ANU

Simon Taylor – award winning illusionist

Dr Fred Watson – astronomer-in-charge of the Anglo Australian Observatory in Coonabarabran and internationally-noted and awarded science communicator

Dr Paul Willis – paleontologist and host of Catalyst on ABC television

Dr Krissy Wilson – psychologist, entertainer, cricket fanatic and a member of the Australian Skeptics Inc committee.

Oh and I’ll be there with a contingent of Queensland’s best and brightest, attempting to attend as many of the official and unofficial ‘side events‘ as possible. I’ve already committed to the Skeptics Open Mic night so please keep in mind I am willing to exchange congenial ‘high five’s” for each beverage purchased on my behalf.

Jayson D Cooke

  1. Jayson, you will indeed be there with Queensland’s finest as Ingrid and I will be there too!!! We haven’t yet booked accommodation, but we very much look forward to high fiveing you! XOXO

    • Awesome! The addition of the two of you makes an already terrific line up even better!

      We’re staying with family nearby and I think we’re taking up all the room available, but I could double check if you’d like?

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