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The Australian Book of Atheism, available now on pre-order!

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Now that Atheism is getting coverage in the mainstream media, for better or worse, what better time to shed some light on what Atheism and non-theism truly mean to many Australians. Available for pre-order now from our good friends at Embiggen Books with a publication date of publication late November/December, we can all enjoy The Australian Book of Atheism just in time for the holidays!

Featuring the writing of some of Australia’s best and brightest, namely;

• Chrys Stevenson (Historian), Felons, Ratbags, Commies and Left-Wing Loonies- The history of Australian atheism

• Max Wallace (Australia New Zealand Secular Assoc), The Constitution, Belief and the State

• Alex Stewart (Lawyer, Brisbane Atheists), Religion, and the Law in Australia

• Robyn Williams (The Science Show, Radio National), A Part-time Atheist

• Dr Colette Livermore (former Sister of Mercy nun), Atheism: an explanation for the believer

• Tanya Levin (former Hillsong member, feminist, author People In Glass Houses), Above Rubies

• Hon. Lee Rhiannon (former MP, Senate candidate), Growing up Atheist

• David Horton (BA, BSc, MSc, PhD, DLitt – biologist, archaeologist), Agnostics are Nowhere Men

• Tim Minchin (entertainer), Storm

• Hugh Wilson (Australian Secular Lobby), Public Education in Queensland

• Peter Ellerton (Australian Skeptics, Winner of the 2008 Prize for Critical Thinking), Theology is Not Philosophy

• Professor Graham Oppy (Philosopher of Religion), Evolution vs Creationism in Australian Schools

• Graeme Lindenmayer (Rationalist Society of Australia), Intelligent Design as a Scientific Theory

• Kylie Sturgess (Podblack Cat/Token Skeptic), Atheism 2.0

• Dr Martin Bridgstock (Senior Lecturer, Biomolecular and Physical Sciences), Religion, Fundamentalism & Science

• Dr Philip Nitschke (Founder/Director Exit International), Atheism & Euthanasia

• Alex McCullie (blogger, CAE tutor on Atheist Philosophy), Progressive Christianity: A Secular Response

• Dr Leslie Cannold (Bioethicist), Abortion in Australia

• Jane Caro (Author, Social Commentator), Why Gods are Man-Made

• Dr Karen Stollznow (Point of Inquiry Podcast Host, Bad Language Blog), Spiritualism & Pseudoscience

• Rosslyn Ives (Council of Australian Humanist Societies) Life, Dying & Death

• Hon. Ian Hunter MLC, Prayers in Australian Parliament

• Lyn Allison (former Senator), Ever Wondered Why God is a Bloke?

• Michael Bachelard (Journalist), Politics and The Exclusive Brethren

• Dr Russell Blackford (Philosopher, co-editor 50 Voices of Disbelief), Free Speech

• Dr John S Wilkins (Philosopher), The Role of Secularism in Protecting Religion

• Warren Bonett (Editor), Why a Book on Atheist Thought in Australia?

• Dr Robin Craig (Geneticist, Philosopher), Good without God

• Ian Robinson (Rationalist Society of Australia), Atheism as a Spiritual Path

• Professor Peter Woolcock (Humanist, Ethicist), Atheism & the Meaning of Life

• Dr Tamas Pataki (Philosopher), Religion & Violence

• Dr Adam Hamlin (Neuroscientist), The Neurobiology of Religious Experience

• Dr Rosemary Lyndall Wemm (Neuropsychologist), The Neurology of Belief

I for for one am having a hard time waiting for the release of The Australian Book of Atheism. It’s great to see so many of us contributing to what is sure to be a terrific project, so please join me in showing support. As well as getting yourself a copy, I’m thinking the book is a perfect Christmas present for all the family and friends with a wide range of beliefs.

Jayson D Cooke


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