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Creationists still make the most of Griffith University classrooms.

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“Scientists are good in the lab & bad at logic”

This is the message taught on Griffith University’s Gold Coast campus in the second semester of the year 2010. Self proclaimed leaders of the evangelical group, Griffith Christian Students (GCS) are at it again, preaching misinformation and ignorance of publicly verifiable science in efforts to swell their ranks. Advertised across Griffith University’s Gold Coast campus under the heading “The Great Scandals”, the talk described Evolution as

“a B-Grade movie space alien, more of a meta-narrative than science”.

Dr Robert Smith, lecturer and researcher from Griffith University School of Medical Science & School of Medicine attended the talk. He remains concerned it was an attempt to marginalize science.

“There is an element of ridicule there, it’s a movie monster, so it’s something made up, it’s B-grade so it’s not a very good and the meta-narrative comparison is kind of a way to say it’s unfalsifiable. But the thing is, if it’s true, there is nothing you can throw at it that will invalidate a true idea.”

GCS founder Mr Tony Rowbotham, former part-time Bachelor of Arts student of Griffith had this to say:

“When I present this stuff, I don’t ever think I’m presenting the complete picture, I think what I’m doing is throwing ideas out there for people to interact with. So I don’t mind having partial truths out there that are not comprehensive because I’m not trying to be comprehensive.”

Adam Haig, third year Biomedical Science student and GCS member advised the talks were the groups ‘Mission Week’ strategy.

“This semester, Mission Week has been more apologetics week, so not talking about the Gospels per se, more the reasons people won’t even consider it”.

Acting Chaplaincy Coordinator for Gold Coast campus, Ms Tiffany Hammer was quick to distance the university from the activities of the GCS.

“They are definitely not affiliated in any way with Griffith University”.

Ms Hammer also sees no conflict between her faith and science.

“I believe in evolution!”

Jayson D Cooke

  1. I think presenting science and religion as opposing is presenting a false dichotomy. Most alchemists in the Middle Ages and beyond were theologians with the belief that the better we understand the world we live in, the better we can understand the mind of God. It’s a shame that theology and science is no longer popularly seen this way.

    • I think the problem is partly caused by those that attempt to use science to prove/disprove the notion of a supernatural world, which causes the two fields to appear mutually contradictory, when really is like comparing cheese to Saturn.

      A very false dichotomy!

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