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Preventable Measles Outbreak hits Tweed River High (my old High School).

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My family still live in the Tweed Heads area where I spent my teens until I was old enough to escape to greener pastures. Although my Mother has some out there beliefs such as the reality of ghosts, psychics and varieties of magical thinking, thankfully our family are all vaccinated.

However due to the ignorance of people who maintain their ‘right’ not to vaccinate, we are all susceptible to a preventable disease that should be all but eradicated by now.

Diseases do not discriminate the informed from the ignorant, they just kill, not unlike bad ideas and persistent ignorance in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence. Combining these two blights is a sure fire recipe for needless suffering. It is completely irrelevant as to whether people ‘believe’ in the benefit of vaccinations, what matters is that they are safe, that they work, and that they save the lives of children, regardless of who their parents are, or what nonsense they happen to ‘believe’.

Jayson D Cooke

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Show your working people!!!

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If everyone possessed a rapier wit and the open mindedness to accept when they are wrong, perhaps it wouldn’t be a problem, but it’s easy to see how mocking peoples ideas to their face may be perceived as bullying to an audience and frankly who likes a bully?

It’s easy to simply mock what we know to be as absurd ideas and I’ll be the first to admit I’ve done it many times over many years but I found I got frustrated at how ineffective it all seemed when it came to encouraging others to think critically for themselves.

Personally I try very hard to not just flat out laugh at ideas and beliefs I disagree with on the outset, as the believer and audience may not appreciate that I am merely laughing at the belief, rather than believer. On a good day I encourage them to talk about what they believe, why they believe it and how those beliefs came about. It usually doesn’t take long for the ridiculousness to become readily apparent, whether to the believer or an audience. Also pointed and informed questioning tends to help that process along. I try to explain exactly what I think is wrong with their reasoning and lay out why I disagree, rather than simply disagreeing, but we all can easily slip into emotive ridicule, particularly when we’ve encountered the belief 1000 times before and are incredibly confident it’s mental!

I’m not saying do what I do or you’re a (insert trivial generalisation), or even that I’m consistent with this approach, but I try and I aim to be despite falling short on the odd occasion. However when I conciously attempt to do this I feel better and the entire interaction seems to have a better chance of fulfilling my goal of encouraging & fostering critical thought.

Jayson D Cooke

NSW Same Sex Adoption Update, (feel free to forward this).

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From NSW MLC Penny Sharpe (please feel free to forward this).
“NSW Same Sex Adoption Update – so far state MPs have received 28 emails against same sex adoption. I have received 0 in favour. If you support the best interests of all children in NSW now is the time to let your MP know that you want them to support same sex adoption.”
Let your voice be heard and use this list of NSW MPs email addresses below:

R.S. Amery
M.T. Andrews
G.J. Aplin
J.J. Aquilina
A.J. Ashton
S.L. Ayres
M.B. Baird
C.A. Baumann
D. Beamer
G. Berejiklian
P.E. Besseling
D.L. Borger
M.J. Brown
L.J. Burney
C.A. Burton
D.A. Campbell
S.R. Cansdell
B.J. Collier
A.J. Constance
R.D. Coombs
G. Corrigan
P.J. Costa
A. D’Amore
M.J. Daley
P.J. Debnam
V.M. Dominello
P.R. Draper
D.E. Fardell
V.H. Firth
A.R.G. Fraser
R.A. Furolo
T.R. Gadiel
T. George
P.B. Gibson
P.J. Goward
K.P. Greene
S.E. Hancock
D.R. Harris
C.P. Hartcher
N. Hay
B.R. Hazzard
K.A. Hickey
K.A. Hodgkinson
J. Hopwood
S.K. Hornery
K.J. Humphries
V Judge
K.K. Keneally
M.J. Kerr
N. Khoshaba
P.C. Koperberg
N. Lalich
P.G. Lynch
D.W. Maguire
G.F. Martin
G.A. McBride
A.D. McDonald
J.L. McKay
P.E. McLeay
L.A. McMahon
A.P. Megarrity
W.A. Merton
C. Moore
M.A. Morris
J.R. O’Dea
B.R. O’Farrell
D.L. Page
P.R. Pearce
B.M. Perry
A. Piccoli
G.M. Piper
G.K. Provest
N. Rees
M.J. Richardson
A.J. Roberts
F.E. Sartor
A.F. Shearan
J.G. Skinner
G.E. Smith
G. Souris
A.P. Stewart
R.G. Stokes
A.J. Stoner
C.M. Tebbutt
F. Terenzini
G.R. Torbay
J.G. Tripodi
J.H. Turner
R.W. Turner
G.J. West
S.J.R. Whan
J.D. Williams
R.C. Williams
J. Ajaka
R. L. Brown
A. Catanzariti
D. J. Clarke
I. Cohen
R. H. Colless
C. E. Cusack
G. J. Donnelly
A. R. Fazio
M. A. Ficarra
L. A. Foley
M. J. Gallacher
J. A. Gardiner
D. J. Gay
K. F. Griffin
S. P. Hale
D. T. Harwin
J. Hatzistergos
J. Kaye
A. B. Kelly
T. Khan C.
J. S. Lynn
M. R. Mason-Cox
S. Moselmane
G.K.M. Moyes
F. J. Nile
E. M. Obeid
R. M. Parker
M.J Pavey
G. S. Pearce
P. T. Primrose
C. M. Robertson
J. C. Robertson
E.M. Roozendaal
P.G. Sharpe
M. Veitch
L. Voltz
H. Westwood
I. W. West

Great parenting tips for helping little critical thinkers get started.

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“Teach your children how to find solutions to problems” by Judi Light Hopson, Emma H Hopson and RN and Ted Hagen PHD shows some really positive outcomes for starting early with problem solving tasks and critical thinking.

Jayson D Cooke

Witchcraft in Africa needs to more widely publicised.

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Witchcraft is on the rise and it’s the year 2010. Erroneous beliefs are harmful.

Jayson D Cooke

The High Court Challenge against National School Chaplaincy announces its legal team.

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Representing Ron Williams in the court action will be high profile barrister, Bret Walker SC (Senior Counsel). The importance of having the case represented by such a leading figure in Australian law cannot be overstated. Walker is …one of Australia’s leading barristers. He has been president of both the NSW Bar Association and the Law Council of Australia and Governor of the Law Foundation of NSW. He is Editor of the NSW Law Reports and Director of the Australian Academy of Law.

Walker will be supported by Gerald Ng, Barrister and the law firm, Horowitz and Bilinsky. The next step in the legal process is approaching, and further details will be released when it occurs.

People, this case is going to be huge and I’m expecting some jaw-dropping revelations to be made about our politicians and education systems. Be a part of it. Please donate whatever you can afford at the High Court Challenge website. Note – money raised goes into a trust for the payment of legal fees, not to Ron Williams and his family. Ron has put the financial future of his family on the line for this and really needs our support. Besides, for a small (or large) investment, this is a chance to be a part of Australian history.