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Qld skeptics are visiting a Faith Healer at church this Sunday!

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This Sunday morning a group of us are attending the New Hope Church at Kelvin Grove. I have been advised is not a Star Wars reference but this will be probed into deeper on the day.
The reason for this somewhat uncharacteristic event for many of us is to attend a “Healing Meeting” featuring Australian healing evangelist, John Mellor.
Mr Mellor’s origin story can be found here: (note the undertones of “I too was a skeptic once, until…”.

Channel Nine’s A Current Affair will be in attendance and we have a brave volunteer with an independently verified ailment willing to give Mr Mellor a chance to show his stuff. I’ve trawled the internet for information on Mr Mellor’s ministries and the claims he makes in regards to curing MS, blindness, cancer and pretty much any illness and/or condition that can be named. I found many anecdotes and testimonials, nothing even remotely verifiable could be found. As we’ll be reminding the reporters, the plural of anecdote is not data.
Anyway we have been advised to keep a low profile so that the healers don’t think we have stacked their meeting. Our test subject will be interviewed before and after and we may offer other comments after the jig is up.

Everyone is more than welcome to attend but please keep in mind we don’t want to spook the whole proceeding for Channel 9 who seem to be doing the fair thing.
Mr Mellor has previously been featured on channel Seven’s Today Tonight, in a very flattering but far from critical story. This has been analyzed on the Bad Psychics page here:

Also here is Dr Stephen Barrett’s great summary of the state of evidence in regards to faith healing.

New Hope Church Brisbane
46 Kelvin Grove Rd
Kelvin Grove Queensland 4064
Sunday July 25th 9.30am.

Jayson D Cooke


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