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Is the recovered memory movement still around?

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Monday 5 April 2010 8.30pm – 9.20pm ABC1 Four Corners revealed what happens when an unqualified therapist forces his patients to delve into their so-called “hidden memories”. Trauma, police investigations and families torn apart.

If anyone missed the show it will be available here until the end of April.

I found the episode astonishing, a mix of new age meditation retreat, discredited recovered memory therapy and many aspects of cult mentality with pseudo-therapist Matthew Meinck as the cult leader and instigator.

If you are a victim of such manipulative conduct as was seen on this episode of Four Corners, the Australian False Memory Association website lists the following contact details for members of the AFMA who volunteer their time to assist. After getting over the initial shocks, some are able to assist in this way. Please appreciate that the AFMA arose out of this devastation, with few financial resources. Inquiries will be met as promptly as possible, but please keep in mind the AFMA is a voluntary organisation.


Sth Queensland Gloria 1300 88 88 77
Nth Queensland Chris Forsberg 07 4033 2619 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              07 4033 2619      end_of_the_skype_highlighting [home]
07 4031 9418 [work]
Sydney Gloria 1300 88 88 77
Victoria Boz 1300 88 88 77
Canberra John 02 6249 7998
Tasmania Boz 1300 88 88 77
South Australia Evelyn 08 8337 5461
Western Aust. Evelyn 08 8337 5461
Northern Territory Evelyn 08 8337 5461

All inquiries are treated in the strictest confidence.

If you have been a victim of Matthew Meinck in particular, the website:

Advises that if you have a complaint about Matthew Meinck, and you have parted with money or goods in return for his ‘services’, you can complain to:
Minister: The Hon Troy Buswell, MLA – Minister for Commerce

Department of Consumer & Employment Protection
219 St Georges Terrace
Locked Bag 14
Phone: 08 9282 0777
Fax: 08 9282 0850
General Information & Advice 1300 136 237

Many people are fearful of reprisals if they make formal complaints. However, if complaints are not lodged it is extremely difficult for Consumer Affairs to warn other enquirers about Matthew Meinck, or to make recommendations to the government regarding any need for legislation. In addition, without complaints Matthew will continue to prosper, getting away with what he is doing and making him even less likely to care for the consequences of his actions.

If you suspect there has been an abuse of the practice of hypnosis by Matthew Meinck
then contact:

Australian Society of Hypnosis,
Austin Hospital,
Victoria 3084.

Even though WA has no regulations about hypnosis you should still report such activities.

If you or your family have suffered emotional or physical health problems
as a result of the activities of Matthew Meinck then write to:

Office of Health Review (OHR)
Level 12, St Martin’s Tower, 44 St George’s Terrace Perth 6000
GPO Box B61 Perth 6838
Phone – (08) 9323 0600
Freecall™ 1800 813 583 (inside WA)
Fax – (08) 9221 3675

Although the commissioner is only supposed to be responsible for
registered health professionals it’s about time people started letting these offices know what unqualified people like Matthew are getting up to!

Also complain to your local Member of Parliament – both state and federal. If we are going to have a co-ordinated policy on abuse of psychological methods our state and federal governments need to cooperate.

In the United States there are now hundreds of people suing organisations that they have been involved in for compensation. Group actions of this sort may in the end be one of the most powerful ways of limiting the activities of groups, as money is certainly their Achilles heel. Some victims have already won large compensation payouts.

I strongly suggest that anyone who has been damaged – either personally or
through a member of their family – should seek legal advice regarding appropriate
compensation. Contact CIFS in Australia

Cult Information and Family Support
P.O box 385
West Ryde
NSW 1685
Fax 02 9868 7245

Jayson D Cooke

  1. I was astounded by the program. Clearly there needs to be regulation so unqualifed practioners can be stopped from ruining people’s lives.

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