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The future of Rationality in Education and the Public at Large.

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Our next topic for 03/09/08 will be:

The future of Rationality in Education and the Public at Large.

How can education and general acceptance of critical thinking, scientific methodology, scepticism, rationalism and logic be improved?

Is advocacy or education the answer or can they work in concert?

Should this even be asked?

What is currently being done around Australia and the world as a whole and what seems to be working?

While we hardly expect to solve these problems (?) the questions are all well worth asking and this should be a great night of discussion with snacks provided!

To add to our discussion we will also feature footage from Jayson’s recent trip to Sydney for the Ultimo Science Festival featuring Michael Shermer, as well as Kylie Sturgess interview with the originators of the “Philosophy for Children” program.

Should be a really interesting night and I hope you can all make it and as always feel free to bring anyone who might be interested.

Jayson D Cooke

GU Skeptics and Freethinkers.


G.U.S.S.F. Meeting 27/08/08‏

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Hi again everyone!

For our next meeting on 27/08/08 the topic will be

Alternative and Complimentary Medicines

What exactly makes them “alternative” as opposed to just medicine?

Do the claims made by proponents of these methods stand up to scrutiny?

What are the potential dangers of such products?

Once again we will examine the valuable insights of Penn & Teller as well as share insightful and thought provoking discussions so it should be another great night and all are welcome.

Hope to see you there,



GUSSF Welcomes Dr Jay Browning

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Hey Everyone!!!

For those who made it to club sign on day I’m sorry I was unable to attend and as such we weren’t represented but hopefully through word of mouth no-one has forgotten we exist!

Our first meeting/presentation this semester is this Wednesday 13/08/08 starting at 6pm at G23_1.14/1.18/1.19 in the Multimedia Building! Our guest speaker for the night is Griffith own Dr Jay Browning from Griffiths School of Medical Sciences.

Dr Browning will be informally discussing his experiences with various alternative and complimentary medicines and it should be a great night! I’ll also be updating everyone and welcoming new members so it would be great if everyone can make it!

Also on Tuesday August 19th 6 – 9pm at the uni bar, the Psych association is holding a general knowledge trivia night so if anyone wants to form an unbeatable critical thinking team then let me know and as their are heaps of great prizes and it’s only $5 to enter.

We will once again be holding meeting Wednesdays from 6pm 13/8, 20/8, 27/08, 3/9, 10/9, 17/9, 24/9, 1/10, 8/10, 15/10, 22/10, 29/10, 5/11,
at G23_1.14/1.18/1.19 with talks, presentations, movies and whatever anyone comes up with so please spread the word and do your best to make it!

If anyone wants to contact me I’m still very rarely on campus but can always be reached on 0404 607 402 and here.

Hope to see you all soon,